Services Offered

Visual Otoscope Examination & Ear Wax Removal

We invite you to look into your ears with us, using

our state of the art video otoscope with a flat screen

TV. You get to see what we see! If there is any

wax, we will thoroughly clean your ears before

completing any hearing assessments. Ear

cleanings are reccomended and completed at every


Our Hearing Tests

We offer comprehensive same-day hearing tests and counseling. First, we provide pure tone assessments to ascertain your degree of hearing loss. However, people with the same hearing loss can have varying degrees of reported difficulty. We therefore also complete speech discrimination testing to determine how much your hearing loss is affecting your ability to hear and understand others.

Tailored Hearing Loss Solutions

We will first start by making a hearing aid recommendation that is custom tailored to your hearing health needs. We carry most major brands to ensure that we offer you the best solution for your hearing loss and lifestyle. However, hearing aid selection is just the beginning of your rehabilitation. Upon selection of the appropriate device, you will be scheduled for a fitting appointment. At this appointment a series of assessments will be completed to custom fit the device to the prescription that your hearing loss requires. After that you will be provided a series of appointments to help you adjust to hearing again and to assist with learning how to use the device. Hearing aids alone are not always the solution. That is why we provide multiple options including accessories to optimize your hearing with phones and TVs, such as bluetooth accessories. And any other doodads you may need.

Complimentary Care and Maintenance

Your long term hearing is dependant upon continued device maintenance and wax management. We will always offer complimentary services including:

    1. • quarterly check ups
    • • hearing aid cleanings
    • • wax removal
    • • hearing aid adjustments
    • • annual hearing evaluations
    • • continued patient counseling
  • Routine hearing screenings

Additional Services

  • ♦ Hearing Protection ♦ Sleep Earplugs ♦ Speciality Molds ♦ Musician Earplugs ♦ Shooter's Earplugs
  • Swim Plugs ♦