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Hearing Aids

Unlike some hearing care centers we do not provide just one company's products. We are well versed in many different manufactures and experienced in fitting the product that's right for "YOU". This is one of the many benifits of a private practice. When you come to us for an evaluation you can be assured that we will have a device that is perfect for your needs. We offer all models, styles, and colors.


Hearing aids have evolved.... we can now link them with your daily electronics via Bluetooth™ such as your phone, mobile phone, iPad, computer, TV, etc. Join us in our office to learn about the many features available that can enhance your lifestyle through technology.

Assistive Listening Devices

Some situations or hearing losses require additional support to the hearing aid. We provide an extensive inventory of devices to help you connect better in hard to listen situations, such as TV, church, and large auditoriums.


  • In addition to our custom made products we also offer the everyday necessities including:

  • * Batteries * Battery * Testers * Cleaning Tools * DryAid Kits * Wax Traps * Phone Pads
  • * Otoease

Additional Products

♦ Hearing Protection ♦ Sleep Earplugs ♦ Speciality Molds ♦ Musician Earplugs ♦ Shooter's Earplugs ♦ Swim Plugs ♦